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About Lifespring

Lifespring, Inc. was founded in 1974 and quickly grew to become one of the most successful experiential educational movements in modern history. In many ways, Lifepsring's principal founder, John Hanley, pioneered a movement which has revolutionized and continues to revolutionize the ways in which individuals and institutions think and learn. As a professional entity, Lifespring, Inc. existed until 2000, and Mr. Hanley now works in the corporate environment furthering the work of experiential education. Lifespring technology and techniques have been incorporated worldwide by numerous companies and professional expressions. Certified Lifespring trainers continue to offer trainings in various formats across the globe.

The Lifespring trainings were designed to help participants become aware of new possibilities in their lives such that they could take action in unprecedented ways to stand for what they valued. Through the various trainings designed by Lifespring, participants were given the chance to become aware of how deeply their perceptions and beliefs influenced their emotions and behavior, such that they could effectively recognize newer and greater possibilities for their lives.

The trainings were based on the notion that something experienced can be learned much more rapidly and effectively than something presented by lecture or book format alone. The overwhelming success of this educational method has been proven effective again and again as experiential education continues to be embraced around the world.

Eminent researchers from such institutions as the University of California School of Medicine and Stanford Medical School conducted in-depth analysis of the before-and-after and long-term effects that Lifespring had on the hundreds of thousands of people who were taking part in their experiential trainings.

The research, by overwhelming statistical margins, allowed a consensus statement: Lifespring trainings led to improvements in participants' "self-confidence, self-esteem, lowered job stress, a heightened sense of control in life, and a more positive and pleasurable range of events and experiences in their lives." A large percentage of Lifespring graduates ranked the trainings as one of the most valuable experiences of their life.

The overarching trends of the research conclusions reveal the larger success of experiential education in becoming a major force in global thinking, as revealed by the many offshots of Lifespring's foundational work and the intangible and unchronicled effects which will only be grasped with the gift of time's historical perspective.

In addition to designing and bringing the Lifespring training to cities across the United States and around the globe, Dr. John Hanley wrote a book, Lifespring: Getting Yourself From Where You Are to Where You Want to Go, published by Simon & Schuster in 1989, to encapsulate some of the most important principles of the Lifespring Trainings.

While the Lifespring trainings can only be fully experienced by attendance, the book by Dr. John Hanley was intended to re-ignite and re-inspire the experience of the training for Lifesprings graduates or for anyone seeking to understand the principles of human transformation. John delves into issues of choice, satisfaction, worldview awareness, possibilities that we are not seeing, and living a meaningful life.

To say that the impact John Hanley has had on the lives of hundreds of thousands has been significant would be an understatement. Perhaps there is no other figure in human development and experiential education who has had such a profound, pioneering, and long-lasting effect on the field.

Lifespring was founded in 1974 by John Hanley and four others, though by 1978 he was the president and sole remaining founder, essentially leading the work with the support of his wife, Candace, who worked with him throughout the many years of Lifespring's extensive work. Presently, he and his son, John Jr. are working to introduce the field of experiential education to corporate America through their consulting company, Leadership Training and Development Group (LTDG). In addition they are working on training the next generation of transformational trainers and writing the definitive book on the history of Lifespring and the work of transformation.

Dr. Hanley credits the wonderful and talented people who worked with him over the years for the success that Lifespring experienced. To all Lifespring graduates, he adds: "As long as we are alive and living our vision, Lifespring lives Now! We look forward to hearing from you and exploring mutual interests."