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NASA Small Explorers Project

The experience of Basic and Advanced Lifespring Training and the Leadership Program have made an incredible difference in the quality and perspective of my life. The relationship with my family, friends and co-workers are now open, spontaneous, and filled with warmth and appreciation. ... At work, the performance level and morale of my employees has improved tremendously. I am proud of the team atmosphere that has been created. ... These trainings are a wonderful tool for everyone willing to experience life to its fullest.

Orlando Figueroa
Project Manager
NASA Small Explorers Project


Datext, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

...We strongly recommend the courses that Lifespring offers. After taking the Basic Training, the Adanced Course and participating in the Leadership program, we both have discovered untapped potential in ourselves. We have gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of human nature. We communicate more effectively with co-workers, prospects and customers. We have both assumed increased levels of resonsibility based on the results we produce in the sales environment. If you want your employees to utilize their untapped reserve of talent and ability to the benefit of your organization, then assist and support them in taking the Lifespring courses - THEY WORK!

Judith Murphy
Western Region, Sales Manager
Karen Schmidt
Central Region, Sales Manager

Wellesley Entertainment, Inc.

December 15, 1991

To whom it may concern,

I am the President and owner of a small retail chain. This is a business I started with a single store in 1986. Three years later I owned three stores, my company employed approximately 25 people and we had annual sales just over a million dollars.

... I participated in the Lifespring Basic Training and have created some extraordinary results in my business and personal life. In a little over a year I have opened five new stores. We now employ over 75 people and have a projected annual sales volume of over 3 1/2 million dollars.

I am convinced that many of the accomplishments were a direct result of the skills I developed in this personal effectiveness training. In addition to tangible accomplishments in my business, I also find running my company exciting yet less stressful.

... I highly recommend this training for any owner or manger interested in their own personal growth or the growth of their employees.

Adrian Wilkins

Sparc International

September 8, 1992

... There is nothing like the boss getting excited about something! ... Needless to say, I have benefited enormously from the Lifespring curriculum. The President of the Company, ... one of the Vice Presidents, and the Director of Administration have also participated.

Most important is that the employees who do the training return to work with new appreciation for excellence in their personal and professional lives.

... Having confirmed my own assessment with that of other corporate leaders, I have no hesitation in welcoming inquires or recommending making the Lifespring training's part of an employee education/training program.

Robert W. Duncan
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


January 30, 1992

Recently, I met with one of our employees that has been through Lifespring's Basic and Advanced Training, and I just wanted you to know that the change in this person has been incredible.

Just a few weeks ago, this person was in the top 50% of my staff, but was not a super performer. After 10 days of Lifespring he has moved himself to the top 5% of my staff, in the company of other employees that have 10 years more experience. This person's general motivation, positive outlook, work ethic, and ability to lead others has improved so dramatically that his Management Team elected him to Technical Management after only 30 days on a new project.

The change was so dramatic that I decided to take a look at this program myself. I enrolled in the Basic Lifespring Training, and it proved to be an incredible experience.

... Furthermore, I have encouraged all of my employees to take advantage of the program. Not only are my people more productive and enthusiastic, I believe they are generally more happy, focused, and committed. Trusting all remains well with you...

Yours Truly,
AGS Information Services, Inc.
Edward A. Fullman
Vice President

Hi John, I wanted to share with you. My mother, Georgia was struck by a car last week and did not survive. There are many emotions and things to do now. I wanted to thank you and your father for the Lifespring trainings that have continued to assist me (the tools I gained) since the trainings and at this time in my life. I was able to heal old wounds long ago and continue to live life much differently due to the transformation that I experienced years ago in the LS trainings. For all of those people who have complaints (usually those who never experiences it 1st hand,) I say to them that the person that I became as a result has lasted from 1992 and it has been amazing throughout my life. I am a testimony to the possibilities of transformation beyond your wildest dreams. I miss her, yes, but I am so much healthier about her passing and about life than I would have been if I hadn't had the training from Lifespring. Some may think I am a "moonie" and that I "drank the cool-aid." I got my life back and was able to heal and forgive myself and others and live out dreams...and I continue to go for them. They say you can't change a person. I learned through the trainings that as I shift, others in my realm (and beyond) have no other choice but to respond/react differently to me. That is the shift that continues and spreads throughout the world. I thank you and your father for creating something that heals so many.

Yours Truly,

Gina Rossi

"I saw very clearly how valuable a true, honest relationship with myself is. It's really the first step in living harmoniously with the rest of the world. I don't need peripheral social games to make myself okay; I can now accept myself as I am."


"Lifespring is the first opportunity I've ever had to intelligently and objectively examine my life. I was able to try out alternate means of behavior and get immediate feedback from others."


"For the first time I could see exactly what I needed to make me happy. And, I discovered it had nothing to do with what I'd always thought was important or necessary in my life. In fact, when it hit me and I saw how damn simple it was, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

Business Executive

"Prior to Lifespring, it was very difficult for me to express my feelings. When I finally allowed myself to let go, there was such a feeling of pure joy."

Architectural Project Manager

"I discovered that I had much more to learn about myself than I had thought. The Lifespring Training provided me with a refreshing environment in which to expand my personal awareness and to plumb my innermost parts."


"Lifespring focuses on enabling individuals to take responsibility for their lives. As anyone who has taken the training knows, the emphasis is on getting on with your life."

J.L. Fletcher, Ed.D., Harvard University

"The unique message in Lifespring is about taking action. Not just thinking about your vision or reporting about it, but living it. Lifespring brings you to the edges of what you thought was possible, and that's the kind of participation that makes my life alive and passionate."

Pamela Fahden, Publisher

"One of the biggest differences the Lifespring trainings made for me was learning to give up excuses for not doing important things. My biggest stumbling block in the past was believing that I didn't know how or wasn't smart enough. That just doesn't stop me anymore."

Dan Gibbons, Business Executive

"Since Lifespring, I hold myself responsible for my life. It's up to me. Consequently, I'm much happier and on track with my life."

Kim Eastwood, Chemical Engineer

"Lifespring had a profound impact on me. It was one of the great breakthroughs of my life. I had been recognized as a leader in many organizations over the past decades, but in Lifespring I discovered authentic leadership and personal power on a new level."

Rev. Paul Mayer

"My clients are successfully and effectively completing their work much faster since I did Lifespring."

Martin Bravin, Ph.D., Therapist

"My life since Lifespring has been incredible. I look at all that I've accomplished and am stunned by what I'm doing now. If anyone had told me eight years ago that I'd be doing this - making this kind of money, having this much fun - I'd have never believed them."

Rosalie Maretsky Mary Kay Sales Director

"Because the training is experiential, it never goes away. Now I regularly have conversations of the same caliber I experienced in the training: open, honest, trusting, caring."

Charlie Morf President, The Morf Organization

"Lifespring training was a time I took to observe first-hand how I behave in my life and, at the same time, start doing something about it. With each exercise, I got a chance to practice what I'd just learned and correct it in a very non-threatening arena."

Linda Rosso Media Marketing Executive

"My wife and I did the Lifespring trainings together. That was a real challenge, but it was a way that we could demonstrate our commitment to honest communication and sharing."

Bill Garret Physician

"The Lifespring course was a turning point in my life. I got a new clarity and focus about what I am committed to. Rather than systematically avoiding certain kinds of risks, as I had in the past, I began meeting the challenge of actively pursuing my vision. As a result, my whole life is richer."

Richard Linowes College Professor

"In the Lifespring seminars I opened up new horizons for myself. I saw where I was headed and what I really am committed to accomplishing. I was empowered to take action, move forward, take risks, and accept the responsibility for creating what matters to me. I've made leaps in my career and in my relationship with my husband that I would only have wished for before."

Barbara Fagan Management Consultant

"In the Lifespring training I had a breakthrough about participating with people. I realized the difference I make in people's lives and got committed to expanding it."

Ken Davis Mortgage Broker